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Please note: Warranty may vary depending on door/s and or door opener/s age and condition.

The following warranty applies to new door/s and or new door opener/s.

Warranty Periods: Garage Doors (1yr) Roller Door Motors (1yr) unless specified differently on invoice. Sectional & Tilt Door Motors (1yr) unless specified differently on invoice. Service & Maintenance on existing Motor/s (3 Months). Garage Door installation Warranty (1yr). Garage Door Service (90 Days). (3 Months) Factory Warranty applies to all Supply Only Garage Doors and Openers. Parts will be replaced if possible. A service call out fee applies. Our warranty will NOT cover installation problems if the product was installed by persons other than a Direct Garage Doors Installer/s and or Technician/s. A call out fee applies if you require a service call out to inspect any problems that occurred from a product that has been installed by persons other than a Direct Garage Doors Installer/s and or Technician/s. Direct Garage Doors warrants all its installation work for a period of (12 Months). Where repairs or services have been carried out to an existing garage door/s, or an existing automatic garage door opener/s, not installed by Direct Garage Doors, or its installer/s, Direct Garage Doors will only warrant the part/s used to carried out the repair/s to the garage door/s, or automatic garage door opener/s for a period of three months. Direct Garage Doors and its installer/s will not be responsible for the installation of the existing garage door/s, or the existing automatic garage door opener/s, or the failure, from any cause whatsoever, of the existing garage door/s, or automatic garage door opener/s. Any Service and Repair Costs cover only the work specified and do not, unless specifically stated, include rectification of existing out-of-square openings or removal of old doors and fittings or electricity or gas fittings or the like. No locking bars or any other locking system/s will be fitted to new automated garage doors and any locking system/s fitted to any existing garage doors that have been automated will be removed as the accidental locking of an automated door/s when activated may damage the opener, door and may cause injury as a result. Locking systems on automated doors will also void manufactures warranty on automatic openers and doors. If these Terms & Conditions, which include all service work and repairs (which shall only be varied, modified or rescinded by written agreement executed by Direct Garage Doors) shall differ in any respect from the customers acceptance or confirmation then these conditions shall prevail. Our warranty is only valid if you follow instructions in the supplied "User Handbook" (if applicable) on how to maintain your garage door, motors. Any installation, service or repair dates given are approximate only and Direct Garage Doors and the manufacturer accepts no liability for the delay from any cause whatsoever. If Direct Garage Doors is unable to deliver, install or repair, the contract shall be voidable at Direct Garage Doors option with no right to either party for damage, loss, cost, or expense. Whilst reasonable care will be taken while drilling and fixing, Direct Garage Doors, its installer/s and the manufacturer will not be responsible for the failure, from any cause whatsoever, of any masonry or rendered surface while drilling or fixing by cracking or collapsing. Any quotations given by Direct Garage Doors will be quotations recommending type, size and installation of door/s, automatic opener/s, or part/s suitable for the job. Once signed by the customer the quotation shall become a contract. Where openings are not complete or actual measurements cannot be taken on site, the Direct Garage Doors sizes and cost given in the quotation are estimated only and would be subject to revision when accurate measurement can be taken on completion of the opening. Full payment is due within 7 days of invoice date. Any goods remain the property of Direct Garage Doors until full payment is received. Customers own conditions of purchase or buyers standard conditions shall not apply unless accepted in writing in advance. Direct Garage Doors reserves the right to change terms and conditions without notice. Direct Garage Doors understands and will exercise its statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if not paid according to agreed credit terms. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, money order or via direct transfer. If you have any queries about invoices - please email Direct Garage Doors. Please make cheques payable to Direct Garage Doors. Any discount applicable will not be granted if the account is unpaid after 14 days.




WARNING! :- To reduce the risk of severe injury or death

~ Never let children operate or play with the doors controls.

~ Keep the remote control away from children.

~ Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects

until it is completely closed.


~ Do not disengage the door opener to manual operation with children /

persons or any other object including motor vehicles within the doorway.

~ The Garage door must be well balanced. Sticking or binding doors can

falsely trigger the obstruction sensing of the Automatic Door Opener.

~ All maintenance should be carried out by suitably qualified personnel.

~ All Garage Door Openers installed by Direct Garage Doors feature a

electronic obstruction system that provides safe and reliable operation.

~ Test the door opener monthly. The garage door MUST reverse on

contact with a solid object 50mm high on the floor. The amount of

force the door should encounter is adjustable. Failure to adjust the

opener properly may cause severe injury or death.

Direct Garage Doors warranty does not apply to any defect, loss or damage arising or caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of:- (i) any defect (including defects in component parts or accessories) rising from or attributable to the failure to carry out normal preventive maintenance or adjustment. (ii) any additional defect damage or deterioration arising from or attributable to the operation of the door after it is known to be defective. (iii) any fault or surge in customer's electricity supply. (iv) any automatic units exposed to moisture. (v) The door striking any object during travel causing damage to the panel/s. Most modern openers are designed to auto-reverse when the door comes in contact with a solid object 50mm high on the garage floor, however if your door hits an obstruction it may cause the top or bottom panels to buckle under load before the auto reverse sensor stops the door travel. It is the customers responsibility to only operate the garage door when in full view and free from obstructions. No one should enter or exit the garage opening whilst the door is in operation. Batteries, Fuses, Globes, Handsets and any Sensitivity/Force adjustments are not Warranted by Direct Garage Doors. It is the users responsibility to every month check the door safety auto reversing works when the door comes in contact with a solid object 50mm high on the floor and adjust if necessary and recheck. If it is not functioning properly the door must not be used, and must be serviced by an authorised service technician.