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  • WARNING! :- To reduce the risk of severe injury or death.


    Please read carefully.

    WARNING! :- To reduce the risk of severe injury or death.

    DO NOT operate the garage door opener unless the garage door is in full view and free from objects such as cars, children and people. Make sure that the garage door has finished opening or closing before entering or leaving the garage.

    DO NOT let children operate or play with the door controls.

    Keep the remote control away from children.

    Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed.


    Do not disengage the door opener to manual operation with children, persons or any other object including motor vehicles within the doorway.

    The garage door must be well balanced. Sticking or binding doors can falsely trigger the obstruction sensing of the unit.

    All maintenance should be carried out by suitably qualified personnel.

    Test the door opener monthly. The garage door MUST reverse on contact with a solid object 50mm high on the floor.

    Direct Garage Doors or it's installer/s will not be responsible for the door striking any object during travel causing damage to the panel/s or any part/s of the garage door or installed opener/s. Most modern openers are designed to auto-reverse when the door comes in contact with a solid object 50mm high on the garage floor, however if your door hits an obstruction it may cause the top or bottom panels to buckle under load before the auto reverse sensor stops the door travel. It is the customers responsibility to only operate the garage door when in full view and free from obstructions. Batteries, Fuses, Globes, Handsets and any Sensitivity/Force adjustments are not Warranted by Direct Garage Doors. It is the users responsibility to every month check the door safety auto reversing works when the door comes in contact with a solid object 50mm high on the floor and adjust if necessary and recheck. If it is not functioning properly the door must not be used, and must be serviced by an authorised service technician


    1. Operate the door only when properly adjusted and free from obstruction.

    2. The door is constantly under extreme spring tension. Repairs and adjustments, especially to the cables and spring assembly, can be hazardous, and should be performed only by a trained door technician.

    3. DO NOT permit children to play with the garage door, push buttons or electric controls.

    4. Before operating the door, check the opening is clear of all obstructions.

    5. DO NOT operate a door unless you can see it.

    6. An automated door must not be locked with its locking bars or latches or any other devices. This will void your Warranty.

    7. Avoid standing in open doorway at any time or walking through doorway while the door is moving.

    8. Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, call an experienced professional garage door repair person for repair.

    9. Periodically inspect door for paint damage and repair as necessary.

    DO NOT paint tracks, rollers, hinges, lift cables, springs or locks


    The manufacturer recommends that the garage door/s be inspected and lubricated regularly. All other maintenance or repair of garage door/s, especially any adjustment or replacement of the cables or components of the spring assembly is extremely dangerous and could cause serious personal injury if performed improperly.


    All maintenance or repair of the garage door/s and electronic opener/s with the exception of inspection and lubrication must be performed only by an experienced professional garage door repair person/s. Removal of the garage door/s is not safe. Call an experienced professional garage door repair person/s to remove the door. Service calls as a lack of maintenance and or lubrication will be charged for.

    Please read the full details of our Product & Service Warranty, Terms & Conditions of Sale, Installations, Service Work & Repairs are available at the bottom left hand corner of the Homepage.